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The Web service provides users the ability to download scanner frequency and trunked radio system information directly from the database to their radio. The Web service works by providing radio programming software applications direct access to the database through a set of common, documented communications standards. The graphic below shows the information flow between different components.


Getting Started

  1. Become a Premium Subscriber

    Users who have a Account with active premium subscriber status automatically have access to the Web service. To view the complete details on your premium subscription status and to upgrade your account, see the Premium Subscription Information Page. Subscribing is easy and instantaneous by credit card.

  2. Download and Install a Supported Scanner Programming Software Application

    A scanner programming software application is required to access the Web service and download information directly to your scanner. These applications function as the bridge between the RadioReference Database and your individual scanner or radio.

    Scanner programming software applications are written by numerous third-party organizations and individuals and many of them directly support the Web service download feature.  Some are free application, and some require you to purchase a license.  

    To see the complete list of scanner programming software applications that support the Web service please see this page:

    Supported Scanner Software Applications

    NOTE: it is important that you determine whether or not your individual scanner or radio is supported by a Web service capable programming application. Not all scanners are supported by application developers. See the above supported programs link for details.

  3. Program Your Radio

    Each individual software application will prompt you to enter your Premium Account Username and Password before being able to access the Web service directly and program your scanner. Please reference the instructions for each application on how to access the Web service.


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