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Unfortunately, due to the many complex radio systems across the world, cannot provide official support to individuals that are programming their own radios.

RadioReference simply provides the database, information and resources that you require to program your radio. If you need assistance in programming your radio/scanner for your local agency, we strongly encourage you post a message requesting assistance in our user discussion forums, which will be read by knowledgable individuals that are more knowledgable about your specific agency/location.

(Note: Post your message in the location specific forum. Example, if you live in Michigan, USA, and you need programming help to monitor an agency in Michigan, you should post your message to the "Michigan Radio Discussion Forum" in regional discussion forums area)

Programming Your Scanner

  • Consider using the RadioReference Web Service to automatically download information from the RadioReference database to your radio.
  • Ask in one of the state discussion forums for a file for your area. Be sure to specify which software and scanner you are using, since not all formats are interchangeable. Be sure to go to the Forums User Profile and enter your location data (county/state is fine).
  • Download a file from another website to use as a template. Such websites are listed by state, which can be found using our Collaboration Gateway on the RadioReference Wiki.

FAQs / Tips

Scanner Programming Software

Having Someone Program Your Scanner

Scanner Master, a trusted partner of, provides a fantastic scanner programming service. For a small fee, they will interview you over the phone to determine what you would like to listen to, help you choose the proper scanner, and program it for you. Contact Scanner Master for more details on this service:

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