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RadioReference does not typically remove data from the RadioReference database (RRDB) unless ordered by a court with jurisdiction over LLC.

However, the removal of data from is at RadioReference's sole discretion.

Further information can be found here:

DMCA Requests


There are only a few instances where data on the Wiki will be removed. These include:

  • Empty articles - they serve no purpose except as a placeholder - they should be used sparingly
  • Articles that exactly duplicate other articles - these add confusion since they frequently repeat information available in another article which is more complete anyway
  • Articles with a single link and nothing else - wasteful
  • Spam and malicious content - This includes Talk and discussion pages.


There are a few instances where posts and threads will be removed from the Forums database when requested:

  • When a user's job is in jeopardy due to a posting or thread participation AND the post was made prior to Aug 30, 2011. Posts after this date now put accountability on the user. See this post in the Forum Rules and Guidelines.
  • When SPAM or malicious content is posted.
  • When the content is deemed illegal in the Country the member is posting from.

Each of these instances are up to the discretion of the staff and are subject to our Terms and Conditions on the site.


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